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        About Us

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        Hubei Reaction Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May, 2018. The company is a joint stock limited company specializing in research and development, production and management, with registered capital of 23 million yuan.

        The company's registered place and factory are located in the National chemical industry park of Changjiangbu development 2nd road, Yingcheng city, Hubei province, which is 60 kilometers away from Wuhan city and close to Wujing expressway, so the traffic is very convenient.

        The company is a new plant built by Wuhan Yixing Chemical Co., Ltd. according to national and regional government unified planning. The company retains the original “Yixing chemical” production and operation of the product series. The product are Diphenylketone derivatives,such as, Benzophenone hydrazone, Benzilic acid, 4,4 '-dihydroxydiphenylketone, 2-Amino-5-chlorobenzophenone, 2-(Methylamino)-5-chlorobenzophenone and etc. 

        The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, according to the product process layout of the new production equipment and water, electricity, safety, environmental protection and other supporting facilities, in accordance with the norms of environmental, safety and other relevant certification. The factory will start trial production in November 2018. The company's relevant management process and main management, technical and quality personnel are all original team of "Yixing chemical". The company will establish and pass ISO9000 and ISO14000 system certification in 2019.

        The purpose of the company is still: take the product as the forerunner, take the quality as the center, provide the high quality product and the satisfactory service for the customer.

        Hubei Reaction Technology Co., Ltd.
        • 2018Years

          Was founded in

        • 23Million

          Company registered capital



        Contact Us

        Hubei Reaction Technology Co., Ltd.

        Add: Development Road 2, New District, Changjiang Saifu Industrial Park, Changjiang Office, Yingjiang City, Hubei Province, China
        Add: 11#, Wuhuan Road, Cihui Street, Xihu District, Wuhan, China, 430040
        Contact:  Chen Weiwei   +86-13659887879
        Tel: +86-712-3188050
        Fax: +86-712-3188050
        E-mail: chenweichi.2008@163.com

        Copyright(C)2022,Hubei Reaction Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle 31fabu Copyright Notice

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